How to switch to surveillance-free email

switch to surveillance-free email

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your email – and the data which your email provider shares with other companies – follow this guide to switch to surveillance-free email.    

People often feel ‘locked-in’ to their existing email service and worry that switching will mean lost emails or downtime to their email service. To allay the confusion we’ve outlined the steps to make the switch to surveillance-free email:

  1. Sign up at Open Web Systems, and pick your new email address
  2. Check your old email account for the “Welcome to Open Web Systems” email
  3. Visit and log in with your new email address and password

It’s that  simple!

The Open Web Systems webmail login screen
Open Web Systems webmail login screen
switch to surveillance-free email
Open Web Systems webmail interface

Deleting your old account

In order to wean yourself off your existing provider and avoid any lost email, simply set up a forward at your existing email service, to forward your email to your new email address. Once you have set up the forward you will no longer need to log in to your old email provider because all of your email will arrive via then, when you reply to messages, your emails will come from your new address so that, over time, your old email address will no longer be needed and you can delete your old account.

Getting your email set up on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

If you want to use access your emails through an email client (like Apple’s Mail app, or K-9 Mail on Android) follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts
  2. Click ‘Add Account’
  3. Enter your name, your email address and password
  4. Enter as the incoming mail server host name and the outgoing SMTP mail server 
  5. For extra security click ‘Use SSL’ and set the ‘Server Port’ to 993

Using the Nextcloud app:

You can also access your Nextcloud files (like Google Drive, but more secure) via the Nextcloud app on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop:

  1. Download the Nextcloud app in the app store for Android or iPhone
  2. Enter the address to the Nextcloud server
  3. Enter your Open Web Systems email address and password.

That’s it – you can now access your files and media via the app.

switch to surveillance-free email

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