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Below we have answered some common questions – if your question is not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Yes, you can. The best way, if you’re looking to transfer away from your existing provider, is to set up a forward at your existing email service, which forwards all your email to your new @openweb.systems email address.

Once you have set up the forward you will no longer need to log in to your old email provider because all of your email will arrive via openweb.systems and, when you reply to messages, your emails will come from your new @openweb.systems address so that, over time, your old email address will no longer be used or needed.

An Open Web Systems email address is just like any other IMAP email account. So you can use whichever email client you like on mobile by simply adding your Open Web Systems email address as a new IMAP account. The details you need for this will be sent in your welcome email when you sign up. It only takes seconds to set up Open Web Systems email on iPhone or Android.

You can also log in to Open Web Systems online via laptop or mobile at https://my.openweb.systems which will take you to your Nextcloud dashboard where you can access your files, task deck etc and email.

Yes. The simple way to do this is to forward your existing email address to Open Web Systems, or the other way around. Or, you can add your existing email address to the Open Web Systems Nextcloud interface, so that you can send messages from either address – but the traffic for your non-OWS emails would still be running through your existing host, so you would not be able to cancel that. Nextcloud email is basically just an email client where you can add any IMAP address you want.

  • Log in to your Open Web Systems nextcloud
  • Click Mail
  • Click Settings, in the bottom left corner, then Add mail account
  • There are two options: Auto, which should work if you’re using a common email provider, or Manual, where you can enter the SMTP settings yourself. These settings will be documented by your email provider.
  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts
  2. Click ‘Add Account’
  3. Enter your name, your @openweb.systems email address and password
  4. Enter mail.glesys.se as the incoming mail server host name and the outgoing SMTP mail server 
  5. For extra security click ‘Use SSL’ and set the ‘Server Port’ to 993

You can access your Nextcloud files via the Nextcloud app on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop:

  1. Download the Nextcloud app in the app store for Android or iPhone
  2. Enter the address to the Nextcloud server https://my.openweb.systems
  3. Enter your Open Web Systems email address and password.

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