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Powered by renewable energy

Open Web Systems provides simple, secure WordPress web hosting, web development and Nextcloud and email.

All our servers are powered by 100% renewable energy - and we even plant a tree for every 10 sites we host!


We will never sell your data to anyone else. Secure your data with powerful file access control, multi-layer encryption, machine-learning based authentication protection and advanced ransomware recovery.

Open Source

Open source

Enjoy constant improvements from a thriving and transparent, entirely open-source community development model, free from lockins, paywalls, advertising and covert surveillance.


Open Web Systems is a collaboration between The Open Co-op, Collective Tools and other cooperative IT partners. Together we are building the regenerative, commons economy.

Why choose Open Web Systems?

Support the regenerative economy

Open Web Systems is not your average web host. We are a co-operative working to provide ethical web tools which support the collaborative, regenerative economy. We actively seek clients who align with our mission and reinvest our profits in developing web tools which support our goal.

Escape corporate surveillance

Nearly all corporate web hosts run spyware and surveillance tools on their servers to capture and monetise your private data. Open Web Systems is entirely surveillance-free. We take security extremely seriously and will never pass on your details to anyone without your explicit permission.

Proactively reduce your emissions

We recognise the climate emergency and work proactively to ensure our services are emissions free. All of our servers and powered by renewable energy from solar and wind power. But, to make double sure we’re not creating any carbon emissions, we also plant a tree for every 10 sites we host.

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